Aid IT offers professional and quality services to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. Providing on-site as well as remote technical services such as various IT services and support, home theater installations, smart home and security system setup.

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Aid IT is the only company in Calgary to provide a wide variety of services for all your computer, home entertainment or home automation needs. We combine our extensive knowledge with a friendly attitude to guarantee customer satisfaction. We are available to help as soon as you need us and will not charge you if we can’t fix it!

Computer Services

Business IT support

We offer various services for startups and small businesses, including websites, hardware, email, and application support.


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Please contact us for more details.

We offer on-premise (for businesses) computer training, lessons or tutorials at your convenience. We offer one on one or group sessions, on basic and advanced computer and training on specific applications such as using hardware and applications. We also offer on line – remote training sessions.

Hardware & Software Setup

Need your computer, laptop, printer, network, and preferred software setup and configured? We do it all, both Windows and Mac PC’s.

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Calgary-computer-setup-it-service-pc-technicianLet us help you setup either your Windows or Mac computer(s), for personal use or as a workstation with multiple monitors. Our computer technician will ensure your PC or laptop runs as intended with the latest updates, required software and that its protected against viruses and malware.

Apple Iphone Iwatch ipad tablet Apps MobileWe also setup and troubleshoot other smart devices such as: iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, smart watches, and even robot vacuums and other household appliances.

computer software setupSimplify your life and work, by using proper software such as Microsoft Office, Google, Adobe and many others for day to day tasks. We can recommend, configure applications and show you tips & tricks to become more efficient in using your PC. We also provide training and support whenever you need it!
We setup and configure your printer/copier/fax machine either trough wired or wireless connection, and connect it to your required devices.

We can setup your wired or wireless router, basic or advanced. Connect your devices and configure specific settings such as security, access and ports.

Technology Information Industry - bluebudgie / PixabayIf your PC runs slow, it may be time to upgrade some of the hardware so it can keep up with you – we can improve speeds by upgrading the hard drive to a solid state drive, your CPU and graphics card and/or adding more ram. We also build custom machines from ground up depending on your needs and budget.
Pc Computer Computer Part - Fifaliana-joy / PixabayAre you looking to get high horsepower’s out of your workstation? Do you do video editing or gaming and want the the best of both worlds? We have extensive experience building PC’s from scratch – please get in touch and let us know what you have in mind!

Troubleshooting & Repairs

Our experienced computer technicians can troubleshoot and repair computers either remotely or on-premise while you wait. Also, free pick up and drop off service available within city limits.


If your computer or laptop requires repairs, we offer free diagnostics either remotely (if possible), in-home or pick up/drop off service, and provide an estimate before you commit. If possible we can repair the same day either in-home or pick up/drop off within one business day.

If your computer or other components such as printers etc. have issues, running slow or your software does not run as it should or at all, we can definitely help. We can solve your PC/laptop issues in most cases even remotely.

Wireless Home Router Adsl Modem - 3844328 / PixabayDon’t let your poor internet connectivity or Wifi interrupt your work or enjoyment. We can troubleshoot your network issues in short time and have you up and running again.

malware-spyware-virus-removalSurfing the web or phishing emails can get you exposed to malware attacks such as adware, ransomware, spyware, computer viruses, trojans, etc. Our computer techs take every step to stop the spread and eliminate the attack before it does more damage. We do a thorough scan, and clean your computer of all types of malware, trojans and viruses and ensure your computer is secured while providing you with tools and tips on how to prevent future attacks.

data-backup-recovery-migrationLoosing your data such as your photos and documents can be devastating, but there is always some hope. We can recover your data, even deleted files from various types of media such as hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards. Please contact us and we will gladly try our best to recover your files, and if we are unsuccessful you will not pay!

Upgrade Windows Operating System - geralt / PixabayThere may be a case when your software may not function anymore due to an outdated OS or you may need to re-format and re-install a corrupted or broken OS  – in both cases, we can assist you in any types of OS upgrades or downgrades, new installs, hard drive formatting, including data backup and migration.

Computer Help & Training

We offer local and on line computer training, courses and tutorials for beginners, and seniors with flexible times that suit your schedule.


Do you require help with operating your computer and applications? We offer remote assistance, tutorials, lessons and classes 7 days a week! For Seniors we have offer discounted rates! All you need is a working internet connection, some paper and a pen for notes. Don’t like taking notes? No problem, we can provide you with quick guides or videos of your choice.

We offer in home or on-premise (for businesses) computer training, lessons or tutorials at your convenience. We offer one on one or group sessions, on basic and advanced computer and training on specific applications such as Office and many other. We also offer on line – remote training sessions. For Seniors, we offer discounts! Please contact us if you have questions!

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Other Services

Home Theater Setup & Installation

Need help setting up your TV and audio system? We offer audio video installations and setup services, including TV wall mounting and furniture or media console assembly.


smart-tv-setup-samsung-sony-netflix-prime-videoBought a new TV? Want to enjoy your movies, shows and sports right away? Aid IT will have you setup in no time! We’ll unbox and assemble your TV, setup for internet connectivity, connect your cable/satellite box, and your remote setup. In addition we will configure all your favorite digital streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crave so you can take advantage of all the features of your Smart TV!

tv-installs-wall-mount-installersLet us help you with your TV installation project! Having your TV mounted on the wall is a great idea if you are aiming for a clean look. Our TV wall mount installers can accommodate you with various wall mounting options such as fixed, tilted or full motion. We can also conceal cabling if required.
audio-video-setup-receiver-amplifier-speakerSetting up your home theater system with surround sound speakers can be a daunting task; there are too many inputs/outputs, wires and settings to make all this work – let us make this easy for you! We will connect it all, wall mount speakers if needed and calibrate the system for optimum sound stages. We will also provide tutorials on how to use it!

universal-remote-harmony-programmingDo you have multiple remotes and struggling to figure out which one is which? We can help you with consolidating all into one – programming your universal remote such as the Logitech Harmony or others.

tv-stand-assembly-credenza-install-setupIf you purchased a new TV stand, cabinet, credenza or media console we can assemble it for you! In addition we can also setup your components and organize your cabling/wiring for a clean look!

Smart Home & Automation Solutions

Looking to upgrade your home for total control and automation? We have you covered with smart lights, smart door locks, smart thermostats and sensors.

Smart-Home-House-automationLooking to control and automate your home? Look no further – Aid IT can help you with find the best solution for your requirements and budget; from simple setups such as dimming a few lights from your smartphone or by voice commands to complex automation systems that links all components of your home.

smart-home-hub-securifiWe offer sales, installation and setup on most common smart hubs such as:

Amazon Echo Plus
Google Home Hub
Samsung SmartThings Hub
Securifi Smart Home Hub
Apple TV 4K
TP-Link Smart Hub
Wink Hub 2

smartYour smart home hub can be expanded by adding smart devices such as lights, switches, plugs, thermostats, door locks and many others. These smart devices allow for remote control, like: turning appliances on/off, dimming lights, controlling the temperature, and locking doors. They also allow for automated scenes based on schedules, triggers and user behavior. We offer installation and setup for numerous types of devices and sensors to complement your system.

Home Security Systems

There are many affordable DIY home security and surveillance systems – let us help you find the right product, install and setup so you are in control in monitoring your home without breaking the bank!

Security-Alarm-Monitor-burglar-alert-vivintAre you looking for a simple and cost effective security system with no monthly fees? Aid IT offers Smart Home integrations so you can self-monitor your home from anywhere against unwanted intruders or burglars via a smartphone app. We can setup motion detectors, door/window sensors, cameras and sirens the same way security providers do, only at a fraction of the cost and no monthly monitoring fees!

wired-wireless-cameras-surveillanceLooking to get a surveillance system with multiple cameras installed or just a few wireless cameras setup? We can help you find the right product and perform and have it setup at your location.


Smart doorbell video cameras are popular for being effective at deterring unwanted individuals, and allowing you to communicate with visitors remotely even when you are away. Aid IT offers upgrade services to replace your existing doorbell and have it setup and connected to your smartphone.

Smart-Home-Door-lock-Security-ControlHave your door lock upgraded by Aid IT to a smart smart lock which allows you to lock/unlock your door remotely or automatically based on rules when combined with your smart home system. Many options available to match your existing style from simple deadbolts to keypad models from Yale, Schlage, Weiser and others.


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