Hardware & Software Setup

Need your computer, laptop, printer, network, and preferred software setup and configured? We do it all, both Windows and Mac PC’s.

Calgary-computer-setup-it-service-pc-technicianLet us help you setup either your Windows or Mac computer(s), for personal use or as a workstation with multiple monitors. Our computer technician will ensure your PC or laptop runs as intended with the latest updates, required software and that its protected against viruses and malware.

Apple Iphone Iwatch ipad tablet Apps MobileWe also setup and troubleshoot other smart devices such as: iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, smart watches, and even robot vacuums and other household appliances.

computer software setupSimplify your life and work, by using proper software such as Microsoft Office, Google, Adobe and many others for day to day tasks. We can recommend, configure applications and show you tips & tricks to become more efficient in using your PC. We also provide training and support whenever you need it!
We setup and configure your printer/copier/fax machine either trough wired or wireless connection, and connect it to your required devices.

We can setup your wired or wireless router, basic or advanced. Connect your devices and configure specific settings such as security, access and ports.

Technology Information Industry - bluebudgie / PixabayIf your PC runs slow, it may be time to upgrade some of the hardware so it can keep up with you – we can improve speeds by upgrading the hard drive to a solid state drive, your CPU and graphics card and/or adding more ram. We also build custom machines from ground up depending on your needs and budget.
Pc Computer Computer Part - Fifaliana-joy / PixabayAre you looking to get high horsepower’s out of your workstation? Do you do video editing or gaming and want the the best of both worlds? We have extensive experience building PC’s from scratch – please get in touch and let us know what you have in mind!